Drowsiness Detection System

Drowsiness is the technology to give an alert when the driver is feeling Sleepy.
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What We had To Attain

The Reason behind the idea is to reduce road accidents. In our world, we see a lot of road accidents with the reasons of Rash drive, Drowsiness, Drunk, and Drive Avoid Traffic Rules. In this Drowsiness also is the reason of accidents. So these Technologies are giving an alert sound or notification to you when the driver is being lazy, sleepy or yanning. It will help to reduce accidents.

What we Built

Drowsiness is a software which was built using Deep Learning technology which is a part of ML and AI, this is a tech which can be used to deliver the stuff and help people in the future. It will recognize the face, destructions, and drowsiness. This is the advanced technology for our daily usage to reduce accidents.
One risk with driving is feeling so tired and losing concentration/consciousness and. Sleep-related problems exacerbate the risk of going off track.
The timing for offering information to a driver is changed according to the level of consciousness or the attention of a driver, and the media or its method to offer information is changed according to assent or urgency level of the information. The purpose of this study is to realize a system that wins the driver‘s confidence in the ways mentioned above. The driver Stan’s monitor detects drowsiness from the change in the duration of eye closure during blinking and in attention from the change in the gaze direction. This method describes the detection of degradation of consciousness.

How we made it happen

The Moto of this app is “To reduce the accidents”. We have a great life to live, so we cannot loose that by our driver lazy or drowsiness. This technology is used to avoid accidents in day or night time. It gives alert within seconds to your phone with these technologies.
This system help suppress Drowsiness by detecting and predicting drivers Drowsiness.let me about this technology. the camera capture the driver's facial images.there were images captured and based on eye-blink waveform patterns and expressions, this system detects drowsiness .seriously drowsy and weaving across the world.this system information about vehicles environment. when drivers are less likely to become drownly.

Technologies Used

Drowsiness detection system was developed using • • • •
  • Deep Learning
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence

Our Capabilities

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Basically, Drowsiness is the technology to the reduce the accident with the use of Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. That will be used in Our Future also