Cardstel web app is to design Invitation cards, Greetings cards and Marriage Cards. You can design lot of customizable designs in this app.
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What We had To Attain

The reason behind this idea is that suppose for our business perspective we meet with some client and we exchange our visiting cards with them but it is a little bit difficult to carry all hard copy of visiting cards of all of them. So, in that case, this idea is invented. In this, there is no need to carry all the cards. Only we have to just log in on this website and we can see all the cards that are shared with me. And not only the business cards we can share invitation cards and greeting cards also.

What we Built

Cardstel provides a platform for different types of business and events to be shared and to be identified by the people. It provides both creating your own design and uploading an existing template approach. With a few related information attached to it, your business and events will get identified by the people based on the scope of people you are targeting. Overall, It simplifies the approach of reaching out, to showcase the business to more customers and or it is one of the best possible ways to invites customers and or to greet the other in your own style.
it is so simple to handle all the cards. First of all, users have to sign up on this website by their mobile number or mail Id. After signing up or signing in user will come on the dashboard where they can see the cards in a categorized format like shared invitation cards, shared greeting cards and designed by the user all cards. For users, they can design the different types of cards by clicking on the plus icon showing on the dashboard. After clicking they will go to the design engine part in which they will get some pre-designed templates and all required options and features to design own card. If we talk about features and options this product will provide you a different type of layout, free images, shapes, icons, illustrations, and text types to design cards. User can use your photo for your cards by uploading the pic on his account. Users can add the details of cards like digital summary and personal detail for business cards and required details for invitation cards and greeting cards to access the card easily and they can chat on invitation cards events. Users can share the cards with a specific person by clicking on the share option. Sharing can be done by mobile number or email of other users. Users can update their profiles for a better experience.

How we made it happen

The Moto of this app is “To save the trees”. Instead of using paper cards we can use these designs for our invitation purpose. Now a days Technology changes everything in our daily life, through this app we can change the Invitation way. In marriage season, there are a lot of marriages will be conducted and they use a lot of invitations to invite the people. If they use these apps for their invitation, it will be a best way to save the trees

Technologies Used

The web app was developed using • • • •
  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScrip, TypeScript
  • Angular framework
  • Amazon Web Services




Flexible Mobile Apps

Our Capabilities

Letsmobility has a dynamic and adept team of mobile application developers, designers and consultants. Their experience and knowledge put forth opportunities that will help you take giant strides technologically. We offer services for the development of applications on all platforms for the convenience of our customers and we believe that the more number of platforms we can offer our services on, the more options our customers have to choose. Thus, in the long run helping our customers to expand their prospects of economic prosperity from their businesses through our services.


Basically cardstel is a card creation web app in which we can create different types of card like visiting, invitation and greeting cards. We can handle all these cards without carrying a hard copy of them. In this way we can save paper and trees. Ok, for example in a year, a thousand of marriages happens and for these marriages lakh of wedding card is printed every year which has been wasted after marriage and for these card’s distribution , we waste a lot of money and time. To overcome these types of problems, we invented this app. By using this app, we can save our time, money and paper and It is simple in card creating, handling and sharing.