AVAASA Mobile App

AVAASA is Hostel Search, Selection according to your preferences and according to all types of your requirement in your available Locations. This will use for History Management of your Hostel Booking with payment and Time Duration. All Available Utilities like Concern Management, Chat, Room Change, Announcement, Food Management, Bills, History, etc.
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What We had To Attain

Avaasa App will provide you to the best and suitable choice of Hostel around your city, Avaasa will provide you as per your convenient price, it’s sociable Accommodation where your guests can rent on the bed. Avaasa Will provide Following category stay. Royal : Royal Room will provide you a vital amenities for those who are looking forward to having Royal amenities in his/her room and enjoy the royal environment around yourself. Deluxe : Even more spacious, for those who like something more that can transform the room into something special. deluxe rooms have, in addition to the minibar, even a tea- and coffee- maker that you can use during your stay. Four of our Double Deluxe rooms have balconies, overlooking the hostel courtyard. Economy: The economy, with high window, is the perfect accommodation for all the people who look forward to having a comfortable room without giving a lot of importance to the view or to the balcony or to a normal window. The Economy Room can accommodate a max of two guests.

What we Built

Avaasa is a platform it helps you for searching for all the best hostels in the city as per your needs and with an extensive price comparison. And also we can select the room on the basis of your comfort like(Royal Room, Deluxe room and Economy room) Check all possible facilities like food, vacancy, hostel address, and contact number, etc. at the best prices.



How we made it happen

Avaasa is social based platform Application for iOS and Android developer which is used to find or search for convenient accommodation around you.Avaasa has strategic based filtering which provides you Best room like Royal, Deluxe, Economy, etc. User can filter rooms as per their partner preference with different features. user can use best utilities in-app to share their views.



Technologies Used

The native Android and iOS application was developed using • • • •
  • Android SDK APK and APPLE Xcode IDE related frameworks and services.
  • Java, XML, python, Kotlin and Swift, Objective C respectively.
  • AWS.
  • Room database and Firebase database respectively.
  • Google map location.




Flexible Mobile Apps

Our Capabilities

Letsmobility has a dynamic and adept team of mobile application developers, designers and consultants. Their experience and knowledge put forth opportunities that will help you take giant strides technologically. We offer services for the development of applications on all platforms for the convenience of our customers and we believe that the more number of platforms we can offer our services on, the more options our customers have to choose. Thus, in the long run helping our customers to expand their prospects of economic prosperity from their businesses through our services.


AVAASA is the Hostel Management Application, Any hostel Owner act like Admin and they can create Hostel with Available royal, Deluxe and Economy type of facilities, Policies and Hostel Images. Customized Room Creation also available. This app will have Staff details like in which time period staff worked and his Reviews, ratings.All Tenant records with history, All Expenses maintenance, Tenant Concern Management, Payment Management with History, Hostel income, and Expenses report display with Charts, Announce management to communicate to Tenant, Chatting, Deals for Food Cancellation and Order management, Room Bookings History Management.